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 5.0 out of 5 stars A British Murder Mystery at its Best!, March 27, 2014

This review is from: Behind Closed Doors (Paperback)
At the time of the Jack the Ripper murders, another series of murders are baffling the police.
Well done - Brian L. Porter has written an excellent British mystery that mystery lovers will delight in reading.
This book is in development with Thunderball Films for a Hollywood thriller. I have read most of Brian's books, and have to say that this is one of his best yet - He draws you in the late 1880's of London, during the time of Jack the Ripper!
Look forward to more in this series of books!!!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Brian Porter mystery does it again November 26, 2011
By Anja
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You have probably already read what the book is about. It takes place in Victorian times and murders in the underground railway (which is a new system a lot of people did not care for).
The investigation is hampered from far above as to not create a lot of bad publicity & for other reasons...
Norris and Hillman are the investigators and their boss is Madden (who can drive them mad). It can also drive the reader mad.
Just when you think you know something, you don't.
He writes wonderful books. Try more of them (to be made into movies, no less).
5.0 out of 5 stars Behind Closed Doors February 2, 2012
I have several of Brian L. Porter's novels and I can say I have yet to be disappointed. Tales of England catch my eye from the first but when the story also consists of London in the days of Jack The Ripper, I am completely intrigued.
This is the case with Mr. Porter's books. This novel takes place to coincide with those famous murders of that time, though they are no less heinous or terrifying than those more well known.

I really enjoyed "Behind Closed Doors" not only because it takes us back to those eighteen hundreds during the days of the White Chapel murders by Jack The Ripper but also because it brings to life those times in vivid construction and breathes life into the characters living between those pages. I came to know them well and could relate to every nuance and feeling they expressed, including the guilty as well as the innocent.

By the time I finished the novel I felt as though I had been right there, and lived it with them in those foggy shrouded streets and watched it all happen. Mr. Porter has a great talent for painting vivid pictures with his words and drops us right in the middle of the scene. If you have a bent for a good tale of dark things..then I highly recommend you read the works of Mr. will not be sorry you did so.
I give Brian L. Porter five stars for this tale and most especially the previous books I have had the pleasure of reading.
5.0 out of 5 stars Move over Sherlock & Watson November 21, 2011
" `Men have met their maker as a result of the greed and avarice of those who would turn the people of this fair city into denizens of the underground world. Be warned that their deaths will be avenged.' It's true that a number of workers were killed in accidents, mostly cave-in, during the excavations of the original, and some of the newer tunnels. This could be valid threats from someone with revenge in mind against the company, perhaps a friend or relative of one of the dead men. `God will not allow this fiendish contraption, this infernal machine of the devil to prosper. We will bring about its ruination and force the Metropolitan Railway to cease its operations forthwith, in the name of The Almighty.'"

These are excerpts from letters written to the owners, demanding that the operation of the Metropolitan Railway be stopped. They were brought to the attention of Inspector Albert (Bert) Norris and his sergeant Dylan Hillman as they are being told by their Superintendent about a murder that has taken place in the underground railway owned by The Metropolitan Railway Company. The murder takes place on the same night that Jack the Ripper made one of his own famous Whitechapel kills. Could they be related? Bert's superior says no. He is being told, from those high up, that this is an entirely separate act that must be handled as quietly as possible to prevent bad publicity from damaging the railway company. But as other murders occur, again on the same days of the Ripper murders, it becomes quite difficult to keep these events quiet.

Author Brian L. Porter has always kept me in the dark with the endings of his books, but in Behind Closed Doors, I had him. I determined who the murderer was and had the courts ready to slip the noose around their neck by the middle of the book. Well...he did it to me again. I wasn't totally wrong but I was nowhere near the real truth that would convict the real murder. I'm afraid my case would have been thrown out of the courts. So, the master of deception has tricked me again.

As always, Porter's characters are believable and so real. His descriptions of the scenes place you in the middle of the action. One thing I can say with enthusiasm is this, `Watch out Sherlock and Watson...Norris and Hillman are on the case.' And boy are they good!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read, October 6, 2011
This review is from: Behind Closed Doors (Paperback)

It is the year 1888. London is already in a panic due to the deaths of several women by Jack the Ripper. Therefore, when a respectable, young woman is found stabbed in a carriage on the new London underground railway, Inspector Albert Norris is asked to take charge of finding and apprehending the killer. However, he is told the whole case must be carried out in secret and kept away from prying journalists, as the authorities fear people may turn away from using the new railway system. But when another murder takes place on the railway, the inspector's frustration at having to work with his hands tied behind his back, begins to show through,
This is an excellent and nail-biting read. Brian L Porter's portrayal of Inspector Norris, a decent policeman, who is asked to do the impossible, is superb. How can a detective keep a murder enquiry quiet? But more importantly, how can he solve the crime, when the authorities won't even allow him to interview suspects? Also, the author's vivid descriptions of the Victorian era are brilliant. The scenes of Ripper London are brought to life on the page. I don't want to say more for fear of spoiling it for someone. Enough to say that the story is suspenseful right up until the very end, only then is the truth about the deaths of these victims revealed. A must for all thriller fans everywhere.
Eileen Thornton Author of The Trojan Project

4.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!, May 6, 2012
I loved this book. If you like your thrillers simmering to Victorian gaslight this ones for you. Its well researched and in many places actually very informative on the history of the London underground as well as a bloody good read. Porter writes concisely like a true craftsman and as a reader I never wanted to put the book down. Great read all round and I'll be coming back for more!